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BinyaTools Creating innovative tools and products for home, DIY and professional that are properly design, high quality and add value to the user.We believe that good ,fit-for-purpose tools create better projects and better results and happier people.

About Company

The story of Binyatools magnetic wrist support

My Name is Assaf I'm the owner of Binyatools brand, this is my story and the sroty of Binyatools magnetic wrist support


I've always loved good products, since I was a kid. I remember valuing well-built products that looked
right and weren’t easy to disassemble.
When I found an old wood chair for example, I would always check out how it was made and try to
understand how its parts were built. This chair would end its life with many parts arranged in the order
of its production and assembly as I understood them. Luckily, my dad was a man of natural wisdom for
building and manufacturing engineering and he confirmed to me whether I was right or wrong.
But at one point I always felt it wasn't enough: something was missing to make a product really
wonderful. Later, after thinking about it a lot, New Apple's products started coming out to the market,
and I remember seeing in my friend's house - a colourful and beautiful desktop computer that contained
everything in it and is one perfect and attractive unit in itself. At that moment, I realized what I was
looking for.
I realized that for a product to be truly wonderful, it needed to interact with people and excite them,
there for it had to be made with the right sensitivity that matched the people who were interested in
using the product.
At that point, it was clear to me that I was interested in being a product designer.

25 years later,
One day I came across this product: a bracelet with magnets, magnetic wristband. It seemed to me like a
very basic product that can be upgraded easily if it will be made with good imagination and good logic.
The idea of magnet on the wrist is really good and can be really very helpful. But so many mistakes
made in this product, in fact, it was never truly designed.
I decided to take the task and design a parallel product that would be much more practical, that would
look sexy, be useful and give a true and accurate solution to the idea of a magnetic wristband.
I purchased 2 of these standard products. They were almost completely identical. I tested them well. As
for what I found out - I did not find any significant differences between them, and both had the same
basic solutions and the same design mistakes but the magnets were definitely good.
First of all, how the hell do I dress this strap on my hand? Do I need to use my mouth, maybe I should
use my body or maybe I should ask for help from my girlfriend? Do I snap the strap and close the Velcro
while turning on my hand?
The first decision I have made was to add a thumb loop to allow easy and comfortable fit on the hand.
I started using it - the first thing I noticed was that the strap slides on my hand, rising up and down.

Second thing I noticed was that the strap was rotating on my arm all the time. What if someone want a
particular screw that he knows is on the top of the magnet, it suddenly moves down to the bottom of
the hand? Another problem that I have had to solve.
Apparently thumb loops were the key for everyone. It also prevents rotation of the strap and also
prevents it from slipping. It allows for a permanent attachment of the strap to the hand.
I made a quick paper prototype, when I put it on my hand the first thing it reminded me was the wrist
support used by athletes.
It suddenly came clear to me - Handyman are adopting the wrist joint just like athletes. Why not
combine the two products into one product that completes the two?!
It fitted me like a glove to the hand. The rest was almost coming naturally
I used a Neoprene perforated fabric that is a breathable material, flexible and compatible, and of
course, 9 super strong neodymium magnets.
You can see all the benefits at the pictures above.
I invite you to purchase our product and enjoy a best quality product.

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